It was pointless to try and “win” the argument with the stubborn Indiana Pacers fan sitting next to me, but I kept going because it was fun.

The scene is Banker’s Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis for Game 3 of the Bulls-Pacers first-round playoff matchup in 2011.

Thanks to a few Miller Lites and the Pacers passing out lame shirts implying they “were back,” myself and the defensive gentleman on my right eventually entered a spirited debate about where the Bulls stood all-time among NBA franchises.

To me, it was an easy question. The Chicago Bulls have the third most NBA titles, so they’re the third best NBA franchise of all-time. At worst, fourth behind the San Antonio Spurs (who have since added their fifth title).

But to Stubborn Pacers Guy, the fact the Bulls “have only had Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose” diminished their standing. Naturally, he never really gave a specific answer where he would put Chicago on the list. Like I said, fun times.

Better Derrick Rose days aside, I was reminded of this story when I saw the cartoons below that visually breaks down which teams have the most NBA titles.

Like they have been for nearly twenty years, the Bulls are still relaxing in third place behind the Lakers and Celtics; with Gregg Popovich and the Spurs looming closely. Scroll through to see the whole list, but there were a few things I found interesting.

  • Despite their recent NBA takeover, the Warriors’ championship last summer vaulted them into sole possession of fifth place. The franchise won two NBA titles when they were in Philadelphia.
  • Only 17 teams have won an NBA title, and only 10 have won multiple. Had MJ not retired, it would probably only be 16. (Sorry Rockets)
  • Shaq, Dwyane Wade, LeBron and Chris Bosh all in one image says everything you need to know about the Miami Heat.
  • The anchor logo on David Robinson’s shoulder is awesome.

Most NBA Titles By Team

NBA Trophy Count by /u/IsoJo (reddit)