When you’re down three games to zero in the National League Championship Series, where is the first place you go for help?

Hollywood, obviously.

The Chicago Cubs, on the brink of elimination vs. the Mets, need all the mojo they can get. Despite the fact that today is the official “Future Day,” Back To The Future II‘s prediction of a Cubs World Series victory in 2015 is looking quite bleak.

But let’s be honest with ourselves: BTTF II sucked compared to the original anyway. And it’s no Rookie of the Year, that’s for damn sure.

Which is why I’m looking for Henry Rulenfurter, have you seen him?

Oh, he’s going to be at the Cubs game tonight? Perfect.

This is the point that we’re at as Cubs fans. I’m absolutely stoked that a certain Henry freaking Rowengartner is going to be in attendance at Wrigley Field to give the Cubs some good juju.

Rulengruder, Runamucker, Rulenfurter – whatever you want to call him, Henry Rowengartner is coming to save the Cubs.

Thomas Ian Nicolas was last at Wrigley Field in July, when the North siders beat the St. Louis Cardinals – which happens to be the last team the Cubs won a game against.

Now I have to believe the Cubs pull out Game 4 tonight, solely because the greatest player in franchise history will be in attendance.

Warm up Rosenbagger. You’re going in.