Already sick of seeing and hearing way too much about a bad quarterback on an even worse team, all we could do was laugh when we got a press release Tuesday about betting on Robert Griffin III’s future.

Seriously, recite the last six words of the above paragraph and try not to chuckle.

After the really shitty Washington Redskins made the decision last week to start Kirk Cousins over Griffin, people everywhere seem to have no idea what the man formerly known as RG3 will do with his life. Shit, even calling him ‘RG3’ seems weird now.

For the time being, we might consider going with ‘Bob Griffin’ – a very normal name for a very normal quarterback.

So what does the future of Robert Griffin III (Bob) hold? Nobody knows, but the good folks at Online Gambling LV want to help you handicap it. You know, if you’re into betting on quarterbacks that ESPN talks about too much.

In the event Griffin does leave Washington (he can only pray), OGLV has the odds of where he could play next – as well as a few other career choices.

Man, that 2011 Heisman Trophy ceremony seems like a long time ago, huh?

Robert Griffin III Odds

Leaving Washington

Odds of getting released: 3/8

Odds of getting traded: 7/3

Odds of signing with another team if released: 1/19

New NFL Team

Philadelphia Eagles (6/1) – Because Chip Kelly loves to have polarizing, Heisman-winning quarterbacks on his roster.

Chicago Bears (8/1) – If you know the Chicago Bears, you know there’s no chance this happens.

Buffalo Bills (12/1) – This actually makes a decent amount of sense.

New York Jets (12/1) – Come on. Talk about a media shit show.

Cleveland Browns (15/1) – Maybe the one place worse for Griffin than D.C.

Baltimore Ravens (17/1) – This would be good for Bob Griffin.

Indianapolis Colts (20/1) – Yes please. Would be the ultimate troll move after taking Andrew Luck over Griffin in 2012.

Life After Football

Odds Robert Griffin III never plays football again (200/1) – Seems like a solid value play.

Becomes a coach (11/1) – Maybe him and Jay Gruden will talk about it in his office this week.

Becomes a broadcaster (12/1) – Even for a former player, this seems highly unlikely.

Creates a sock company (25/1) – Now that’s more like it.

Becomes an actor (55/1) – Yes.

Releases a music album (179/1) – Another solid value play.

Becomes a physical therapist/trainer (240/1) – He probably knows half the job description by now.

Becomes an orthopedic surgeon (1000/1) – That’s just mean.


What will the next player arrest be?