We’ve already told you which team we’re betting on to win this year’s Super Bowl. As well as the teams we’re not.

Over the weekend, however, we received another interesting set of NFL odds from Bookmaker – one of the leading sportsbooks in the world.

Not much has changed since the Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, as 23 NFL players have been arrested since February 1st, 2015.

More and more every season, professional football players have become synonymous with scandal and controversy. Hell, even the retired Donovan McNabb managed to snag a DUI.

With less than a month before the regular season begins, here’s a brief breakdown of the arrests that occurred during the offseason.

2015 NFL Arrest List

Terrence Cody: Animal cruelty
Joseph Randle: Possession of marijuana
D’Qwell Jackson: Misdemeanor assault charge
Letroy Guion: Possession of drugs and firearms
Ahmad Bradshaw: Possession of marijuana
Victor Hampton: DUI
Jarrett Bush: Public intoxication
Bruce Miller: Misdemeanor domestic battery charge (later reduced to misdemeanor vandalism)
Alex Okafor: Evading arrest
Antwon Blake: Public intoxication
Bernard Pierce: DUI
Brian Dixon: Resisting arrest (after being pulled over for traffic violations on his scooter)
Rodney Austin: Larceny and assault
Ray McDonald: Domestic violence and child endangerment
Prince Shembo: Animal cruelty
Brandon Spikes: Hit and run
Brandon Ivory: First-degree burglary
Andrew Quarless: Firing a gun in public
Sheldon Richardson: Resisting arrest
Justin Hunter: Felonious assault charges
Justin Cox: Domestic violence, trespassing and burglary charges.
Aldon Smith: Hit and run, DUI, and vandalism

Oh, and there was also Jason Pierre-Paul forgetting professional athletes shouldn’t play with fireworks while big contracts sit on the table. So instead of waiting for the next headline to come out, Bookmaker has proactively decided to predict which type of NFL arrest will come next.

Leading the charge, we’ve got your standard DUI (+150), followed by drug possession and domestic violence. Below those rankings, Bookmaker also included which drugs the next NFL player is most likely to get suspended for.

As of Monday, August 17th – cocaine and ecstasy continue to battle it out for fourth place while marijuana is in the pole position at dead even. Seems fair.

What will the next NFL player be arrested for? 

DUI/DWI: +150
THEFT: +1000
MURDER: +2000

What drug will the next NFL player be suspended for?


If it were us, we’d parlay Domestic Violence with Marijuana. Keep doing you, NFL.