I guess if you have the two highest cap hits in the NHL, the least you could do is sell the first and second most amount of jerseys.

Welcome to the world of Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews. We’re just living in it.

Identical $13.8 million salaries. A fourth trip together to the NHL All-Star Game later this month. Six combined Stanley Cups before they both turned 27.

And now, Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews – five months after their brief run as NHL 16 cover mates came to an abrupt end because of Kane’s legal saga – are officially the NHL’s jersey kings.


The New York Rangers, America’s other Original Six franchise in a massive market, are the only other NHL team to place two teammates in the top ten.

Even more absurd when you consider Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews were first and third in jersey sales (respectively) for the 2013-2014 season.

The season before? Toews third, Kane fifth.

On the 2011-2012 list, it was Toews sixth and Kane eighth. And in the season after their first Stanley Cup victory, it was Toews third and Kane fourth.

Because math sucks, that’s five consecutive seasons where Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have finished in the top ten of NHL jersey sales. And simply to state the obvious, they are the only duo to do such a ridiculous thing.

Living in Chicago, you tend to lose perspective on just how big “Kane and Toews” has become on a national scale, but things like jersey sales tend to remind us they’re easily one of the most recognizable duos in all of pro sports.

Ironically, when you look at lists of the best NHL duos ever, another Blackhawks pairing – Stan Mikita and Bobby Hull – is at the top of just about all of them.

There’s not much use in speculating where Toews and Kane will finish on that list. They’ll be somewhere near the top regardless. But, if we get specific and say “most profitable” NHL duos ever, then things become a little clearer.

Because there’s no way in hell Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews aren’t already first.

In an NHL that’s more popular and profitable than ever before, the two faces of the Chicago Blackhawks have also become the league’s as well. If their supposed-to-be NHL 16 cover party didn’t already confirm that, then Friday morning’s jersey news definitely did.

Yeah, I’d say Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews are worth every cent of their league-high salary cap hits.