I normally get beyond annoyed when popular brands hammer something into the ground making it unfunny and annoying to the consumer. It’s fair to say that by its 4th edition now Pepsi’s Uncle Drew hasn’t done that. I still greatly enjoy the concept and execution.

In this new spot released the other day, Kyrie Irving returns to reprise his role as Uncle Drew. Only this time, he’s bringing some friends.

Former Chicago Bulls point guard Nate Robinson makes an appearance. It looks like Ray Allen has been keeping busy in the early stages of retirement, as he makes an appearance, too.

Outside of basketball, comedian and actor JB Smoove shows up as well, who is basically perfect for this type of roll.

I mean, at this point, the only thing missing is a Kevin Hart cameo.

One thing that’s always gotten me irked about these joints is how do the fans not know? How do the fans not look at these “old guys” and say to themselves something about this isn’t right? Plus, why are these cameras here and why am I being pumped full of this syrupy, sugary, soda pop.

It all reeks of a set up. At least for me/anyone with a functional brain.

I would have definitely called it out on camera if I was there. I’m a man of the people.

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