The Cubs won last night, how cool is that? Even better was how great of a game it was. It included everything — elite pitching, home runs, benches clearing, nifty double plays. The works.

Amidst all of that, a water cooler has become the talk of the town.

So here’s the gist, Pirates utilityman Sean Rodriguez blew up in the dugout after the two teams cleared the dugouts. Rodriguez went bonkers. After appearing to throw a punch in the scrum, he went back to the dugout and threw about 10 more at a poor, helpless, water cooler

He was ejected, of course. Jake Arrieta proceeded to steal second base. And a brilliant trolling Twitter account was set up in the name @PiratesWaterCooler.

Here are just some of the hilarious tweets it has produced:

Nothing, Mr. Pirates Water Cooler, you were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time and received the Floyd Mayweather treatment. Speaking of…

I took this one both literally, as it looks like Rodriguez is using the cooler as a punching bag. And figuratively, as Mayweather is a known domestic abuser. The cooler felt my sentiment as well.

In the end, the Cubs won the game and are moving on to the NLDS to face their longtime rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. Perhaps the Pirates Water Cooler is coming along for the ride, you know, switching sides to join the good guys.

I mean, he was partying with the team after all.

Just know, he’s bringing all of his friends, too.