The team is back for another season of Cottonmouth Sports — a production that’s previously earned impressive praise such as “Chicago’s worst sports talk show.”

Ironically, we interviewed Rocky Wirtz over six months ago. And after a grocery list of technical difficulties, the Cottonmouth Sports squad is proud to finally release our biggest sports interview since TJ Dillashaw.

Which is good news for you, because instead of listening to Keegan blabber for five minutes or watching Peter try to figure out what the point of Milwaukee is, you get to hear some thoughts from the Blackhawks’ best player.

Fortunately for us, those six months didn’t really change much about the Hawks, who are gearing up for a run at their second consecutive Stanley Cup and fourth in seven seasons.

With that in mind, it’s a damn good time to further the enlightenment of your favorite Chicago sports team until football season starts.

Shit, as you’ll see in the video, Chas even found out that Rocky Wirtz doesn’t just own a liquor distribution company. And for our owner, Mike, he was able to earn sweet redemption after his “interview random people on the street about the Blackhawks” disaster from last season.

So join in on the conversationally awkward silence of Cottonmouth Sports Season 2, because the homeless guy outside 7-Eleven told us it was funny.

Oh, and because there’s a 97 percent chance you’ll hum Chelsea Dagger in your head at some point in the next six months.

Go Blackhawks.