Super Bowl 50 – a.k.a. the John Fox Bowl – is on the clock.

Which means you’re morally and legally obligated to talk about it in some fashion for the next two weeks. It’s a North American tradition.

And why wouldn’t it be? February is boring as shit anyways, we might as well build up two weeks of buzz, plan lavish parties and talk about absurd prop bets. Even if the game is a blowout, you get commercials and eat as much as food as you can financially handle.

Point is, you’ll be talking Super Bowl 50 with just about everybody important in your life the next two weeks: Family, friends, co-workers, your Uber driver at 3 am that you don’t remember calling.

And when you do, you’ll want to have a bevy of brilliant stats/facts/sentences to make you look really impressive.

If you’re not sure which team to root for in Super Bowl 50, that can be solved right here. But for now, here are some stats that are guaranteed to be mildly interesting.

Unfortunately, they won’t help you win Squares at your Super Bowl party.

 Super Bowl 50 Stats You Probably Didn’t Know

  1. Regardless of who wins Super Bowl 50, this will be the NFL’s eighth different champion in the last eight seasons.

  2. That’s the longest such streak in Super Bowl history.

  3. Including postseason play, Carolina is exactly .500 as a franchise (175-175-1) going into Super Bowl 50.

  4. Founded in 1995, the Panthers are already making their second Super Bowl appearance. The rest of the NFC South has three combined.

  5. Carolina would be the first expansion franchise (the Ravens don’t count) added after 1976 to win a Super Bowl.

  6. Peyton Manning is the only quarterback in NFL history to take multiple teams (Colts, Broncos) to the Super Bowl multiple times, and would be the first QB to win one with two different teams. He is also the first quarterback ever to go to a Super Bowl with four different head coaches (Dungy, Caldwell, Fox, Kubiak).

  7. Manning is one of six quarterbacks drafted first overall to win a Super Bowl; joined by Terry Bradshaw, Jim Plunkett, Troy Aikman, his boss John Elway and his brother Eli.

  8. With a Panthers win in Super Bowl 50, Cam Newton would be the seventh.

  9. He would also become the fourth player ever (Tony Dorsett, Marcus Allen, Charles Woodson) to win the Heisman Trophy, a national championship, and a Super Bowl.

  10. Assuming Newton wins the NFL MVP as well, that list drops to just Marcus Allen.

  11. But Cam would be the first player ever to achieve a clean sweep in the same season at both levels (Heisman & national title, MVP & Super Bowl).

  12. His top two receivers, Greg Olsen and Ted Ginn, were both drafted by other teams (Bears and Dolphins) in the first round of the 2007 NFL Draft.

  13. Newton was drafted five years ago, when the Panthers and Broncos had the top two picks in the 2011 NFL draft. That was John Fox’s first year in Denver after moving on from Carolina, who replaced him with…Ron Rivera.

  14. In the 2015 NFL Draft, the Broncos (23rd) and Panthers (25th) picked just two slots away from each other. That was John Fox’s first draft in Chicago after moving on from Denver, who replaced him with…Gary Kubiak.

  15. Kubiak is now the first man in NFL history to head coach the same team he played for in a previous Super Bowl.

  16. After losing all three Super Bowl appearances as a player, Kubiak won all three as an Offensive Coordinator for the 49ers (’94) and Broncos (’97, ’98).

  17. Rivera played for the 1985 Bears, or the last team to enter the Super Bowl 17-1 before Rivera’s Panthers this season.

  18. After winning his only Super Bowl appearance as a player, Rivera lost his only one as a coach when he was Defensive Coordinator for the ’06 Bears against…Peyton Manning.

  19. Super Bowl 50 makes it four straight decades – 1980’s, 1990’s, 2000’s, and now 2010’s – that Kubiak, Rivera or both were involved in a Super Bowl.