You just knew in some way, shape, or form, talk over the billionaire owner Stan Kroenke’s decision to move his Rams’ franchise from St. Louis to Los Angeles was going to come up during Super Bowl Week.

Low and behold, it came via terrible Super Bowl commercial from the Brown and Crouppen Law Firm in St. Louis.

Just watch it above quickly before you continue reading. Maybe twice.

What the fuck was that?

You’re mad at Stan Kroenke for being a billionaire and wanting more, fine. But you express that disdain with a single shot commercial of some gray-beard talking into a camera over some sleepy piano.

Be better.

The only thing worse than this is a Sarah McLachlan ASPCA commercial that airs on FX at 2 AM (note, that’s not because I hate animals, but because they’re are depressing as shit).

Listen, St. Louis. I feel for you. I went to school in Missouri and I know that there are true St. Louis Rams fans out there. But don’t act like the entire city had this team’s back. The Edward Jones Dome was a quasi-morgue on most Sundays.

Don’t act like you bought tickets when your home attendance figures ranked in the bottom three of the league each of the past five years. And don’t act like you should be given favors from a smart businessman who saw an opportunity to make more money elsewhere just because you bought beer inside the stadium that he didn’t even own.

You’re losing a sports team, a vessel for pride and fandom, and that sucks. But savor us the sob story and shitty commercials. It only makes us laugh more.