Super Bowl weekend is the epitome of prime time. I had pleasure of being in San Francisco for the 50th edition. And for your pleasure, I’ve decided to keep a chronological journal.

I had some business to attend to yesterday (most notably with our friends at, so I got late start. But without further adieu, or any adieu, here is my recap of Super Bowl weekend.

At this point in the trip, I feel like a portlier hybrid of Don Draper and Clark Griswold.
I flew into town on Thursday, where I was immediately faced with travel problems. But given all the private parties and extravagant firework displays, even the longest of flight delays couldn’t weigh me down.

Super Bowl Weekend Live Recap


7:51 AM – Arriving at O-Hare, I quickly realized this is the earliest I’ve ever been for a flight. This is awesome.

10:30 AM – After passing security protocol, I discovered that my flight had been delayed two hours. Not awesome.

1:45 PM – After passing the time accordingly, I arrived to Gate C17. To my liking, the plane appeared to be 1/3 full. I ended up getting my own row, which I consider a very worthy trade off to any extent of flight delay.

5:45 PM – I’ve now arrived to the Bay Area, only to learn that THESIXTHIRTY was approved for media passes to a private Dave Matthews Band concert (sponsored by Direct TV & Pepsi).

8:03 PM- En route to the show, we decide to walk through Super Bowl city. As expected, it was so extravagant that only the NFL could conceivably pull off something like this.

I took some videos and photos for you. Words cannot really do it justice.


8:39 AM – Woke up to lots of emails and a major headache.

8:51 AM – Drank water.

1:01 PM – Finished emails.

1:30 PM – Arrived at Zietgist, currently my favorite bar in San Francisco. This mainly because I feel cool being in the mission, but also because I enjoy their hipster beer garden – an ideal destination for bikers, competitive backgammon, and 4th grade math teachers.

4:48 PM – After committing a moral sin (drinking on an empty stomach), I left to meet my friend Johnny near his office in the financial district.

4:55 PM – Shortly into my walk towards the financial district, I began to realize if I didn’t eat soon I would likely barf on the sidewalk.

5:01 PM – I walked into the first place that said “pizza by the slice.” After struggling to force the crust down, I finished a few more bites and walked out.

5:03 PM – I puked in an empty parking lot.

5:30 PM – I met my friend Johnny and we took a walk down The Embarcadero to see Super Bowl City. Essentially, I would say The Embarcadero is a great comparison to LSD.


Visa sponsors a lot of shit.

UPDATE: 2/7 2:30PM


My day was riddled with questions.

Where is the house from Full House located? What beach are we currently driving too? Why do traffic cops seem so angry here?

When in California, I like being the one who asks the questions. And in another epic day from Super Bowl weekend, I got a lot of questions answered.

9:59 AM – Why are the traffic cops here so angry?

Seriously, they are so aggressive. I saw a guy slam on his breaks on Saturday because a cross guard scolded him for creeping into the intersection. I’ve never seen a man yelling bear so much control over an automobile, and I’ve also never witness such evil exuded from someone responsible for directing traffic. Just saying, not everybody needs tough love man.

1:15 PM – After doing some writing on the beach, I took a picture for my new freelance unpaid Instagram marketing campaign: “brands in the sand.”

Slack for iOS Upload

This image brought to you by really good photography.

7:41 PM – We got free passes for the SuperCity50 Music Festival. After a series of 10-minute power naps, I began my journey to the magical place known as Oakland.

8:50 PM – The questions are flying in by this point.

  • Why are beers 12 bucks?

  • Why can you smoke in an NFL stadium if it’s for a music festival, but not a football game?

  • And finally, why am I asking questions in my head instead of listening to this set from Alesso?

9:42 PM – After spending several hours in the lovely Oakland, we BARTed back across the bay for the weekend’s prized event: New Era’s Super Bowl Party.

10:51 PM – In order to detour the paparazzi, we skipped the red carpet and went straight to the bar.

11:07 PM – The night is already off to a fire start.

My friend Sarah didn’t know who Alex Rodriguez was, who was standing in front of her when she decided to yell a Drake lyric at me and Johnny from across the party. In the process, she yelled “hit em with a prenup” directly into the superstar’s left ear.

11:30 PM – As if this party could not become more of a success, there were free Super Bowl hats all over the place.

Slack for iOS Upload.png

12:48 AM – In addition to A-Rod, other notable appearances at the party included Diplo, Michael B. Jordan and T.J. Miller – the actor who plays the legendary Erlich Bachman from Silicon Valley, and a personal role model.

However, the most notable of all appearances included this party’s featured musical act: Future.

Stay tuned for updates from Super Bowl City on Sunday.



3:45 PM – A few hours before game time, after collecting ourselves from the New Era festivities, I observed a symbolic display from another Bay are staple: Sea Lions, yo.

Looks like Von Miller against the Panthers’ offensive line. More on the game later, but some thoughts on the day’s commercials (and halftime show):

7:38 PM – And now the halftime show, which was a choreography doozy.