March Madness is like crack cocaine — a high so lethal that it makes you forget that the actual act of what you’re doing is beyond repulsive. What I’m saying is college basketball sucks, but the tournament does not.

And on Sunday night, the ending of the Texas A&M-Northern Iowa ‘Round of 32’ game perfectly summed up what college basketball is all about. In less than five minutes it became the most memorable (or forgettable) tournament game in recent memory depending on who you were rooting for.

Down two touchdowns (sans extra points) with only 44 seconds remaining, Texas A&M was virtually dead in the water. 11-seed Northern Iowa—fresh off a bananas half-court buzzer beater over Texas—was all but Sweet 16 bound.

Not so fast. What ended up happening was the biggest collapse in the history of college basketball. I’m talking about a choke job so bad that Reggie Miller wouldn’t even make fun of it.

But like I prefaced with, that’s March Madness. Crazy shit happens. Crazy shit that’s only acceptable in March because at any other point during the season we sit back and say, “Wow, this is some really shitty basketball.”

It’s similar to being at the beach. The beach is gross, but since you’re at the beach in the sun, you tend to overlook it all. The things that happen at the beach are not acceptable anywhere else.

Northern Iowa collapsed like one of those old ladies in a Life Alert ad while Texas A&M went full Tracy McGrady in the final minute of that game.

In all reality, as a fan of the sport, it was brutally awful to watch.

But like McGrady’s infamous barrage, watching the A&M “comeback” was something you couldn’t believe you were witnessing – and that’s what makes it so easy for anyone watching to blindly praise it as incredible television.