If you don’t like tee shirts with demented illustrations of Jurassic Park on acid, then don’t look at this barber shop’s version of the Detroit Tigers logo.

For the rest of you, here’s the story of how this grotesque caricature of the AL Central’s top squad was born.

A barber shop in Detroit attempted to re-create the ballclub’s heralded logo. Originally posted on the outside of their window front,  it was published on Twitter by @mike_is_bored on Twitter just a few days ago.

Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 9.57.16 PM

First off, great Twitter name.

Second off, great find.

The Tigers are in first place. The Red Wings are tied 1-1 against the Lightning in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Yet somewhere in the metro Detroit area, a barber is massacring the symbol of a city’s baseball team.

Not to mention, some dude is now making money off of it. Because not only did this infuriating depiction of Detroit’s Tiger make the barber shop’s front window, some venture capitalist asshole/genius made tee-shirts with it.

In fact, the “Dertroit Beisbolcats” tee sold out online.

Would I buy one? Probably. But that’s not the biggest reason why I hate this weird ass Tiger. I hate it because I’m going to have nightmares of goblins chewing on baseball bats tonight.

Here’s what the website said.

Sweet dreams.


Thanks everyone for your orders! I never thought this would be as popular as it has become, but I’ve gotta draw the line, I’m sorry if you missed out. Everyone who ordered – you’ll be getting your shirt in a couple weeks so keep your eyes peeled for the postal carrier. And always LET’S GO DERTROIT BEISBOLCATS!

Also, when in the Metro Detroit Area, please go get a haircut at Dee’s Barber Shop, they just may have some shirts there in a couple weeks too.