Thanks to a few extremely helpful strangers, we discovered some issues regarding the Chicago Bears season ticket waiting list policies.

Courtesy of JLHess, the photo below is a letter to members of the Chicago Bears Season Ticket Priority List (STPL). Why they felt the need to abbreviate something like that is beyond me because it seems like “Bears Season Ticket Waiting List” would have been straightforward enough.

Here’s a quick summary of the letter:

Bears put their letterhead logo in color to make this seem more official and exclusive. Then, they tell this devoted Bears fan that although they have an Account ID and STPL rank of 8610, they are still completely fucked in terms of getting season tickets for the actual games itself.

Letter to Chicago Bears Season Ticket Priority List (STPL): 


“Therefore, we are unable to give an estimate of how long it may be before you are offered season tickets,” Lee Twarling, Senior Director of Ticket Sales and Service, noted in his letter.

“We sincerely appreciate your patience and look forward to the day you become a Season Ticket Holder.”

How long will that be? According to a few comments we found on Reddit, a very long time.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.30.41 PM

We also learned that you have to pay $100 just to be on the list.

  • Yearbook
  • Calendar (Which starts in late July, for people that start new calendars in July?)
  • You can enter a raffle to buy tickets online for the same price as the guy with one arm selling them outside the Field Museum.
  • Online access to your personal account which does absolutely nothing except tell you online that you’re not going to be a Chicago Bears season ticket holder for another 13 years.

Excuse me, 12 years.

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 9.31.33 PM

All things considered, the $100 deposit to be on the list makes sense. It filters out those who are serious about making the investment and those that are taking the first measly step in living out a lifetime fantasy.

But come on, you can’t give members like crew neck sweatshirts every year or something? Bobble-heads? Coupons to Dominick’s?

When you’re sending a letter to people crushing their hopes and dreams, the least you could do is throw in a nice half-zip fleece.

Either way, anybody in Chicago knows two things about going to Bears games.

  1. They’re expensive as shit.

  2. The weather will probably suck.

Regardless of those elements, the Chicago Bears fan base has continued to make this Sunday ticket one of the most expensive in all of sports.

With that, comes a massive waiting list, and a terribly constructed letter to disappointed members of the Chicago Bears Season Ticket Priority List (CBSTPL).

Whoever looked over and/or approved this letter for Bears executive Lee Twarling missed one very contradicting closing remark.

When you’re sending a letter to people telling them they can’t purchase season tickets (but can still pay next month’s rent for single game tickets just like everybody else), perhaps it’s not a good idea to end the letter by saying “we look forward to seeing you at Soldier Field on game day.”

Go Bears.