Sometimes we love press releases, sometimes we don’t.

This one falls somewhere in between.

For longer than I can remember, golf has been dominated by one electrifying figure: Eldrick “Tiger” Woods. Recently, he’s made the news for cheating on the effervescent Lindsey Vonn.

But as it turns out, the news was not true.


The couple’s split was mutual. But due to his past, Tiger Woods was accused of cheating on some of that Olympic Gold Medal ass. And as it turns out, people have been getting that story all wack and shit. Real wack, dawg.

When I originally heard the news that Tiger Woods crashed his car after an altercation with his now ex-wife, which stemmed from Tiger’s adulterous ways, I wasn’t surprised.

After all, Tiger Woods is a sex addict. Judging how he picks up his ball out of the cup, as well as the way he violently fist-pumps after every miraculous shot, I’ve known for years that Tiger Woods is a certified sex addict.

Apparently, so does Joe Schrank, the addiction expert we were emailed about earlier today. Schrank is a social worker and long-time promoter of drug and alcohol recovery. More importantly, he’s also the founder of Loft 107.

Loft 107 is a sober-living facility in the heart of Brooklyn and the first sober living facility in New York City. Schrank was admittedly frustrated with the lack of media attention on the recovery community, so he decided to promote his mission by singling out and extorting the sexual addictions of a superstar athlete (Tiger Woods). 

Above all else, the email we received was based on a news lead that appears to be false. Tisk. Tisk.

Here are the questions that Joe Schrank attempted to answer in the press release. 

Is sex addiction real?
Is it just an excuse for poor behavior?
Can a sex addict recover?

His answers:

  • Like most addictions, sex addiction isn’t about frequency, it’s about the relationship one has with their sexuality and if that has a negative impact on ones life. 
  • Tiger Woods is an extreme outlier, most people who have issues with sexuality impairing their lives will never have the opportunity to act on it the way Tiger Woods does.
  • Without a commitment, he isn’t a sex addict- he is rich, famous, and travels often, and that means opportunity and vulnerability to compromising the boundaries and standards that one has agreed to for themselves and their relationship. The shorter way of saying is:
  • What would most guys do if they were Tiger Woods? 
  • Can anything be an addiction? Is it just a way to avoid responsibility?
  • No, it’s actually the exact opposite. Recovery is about owning behavior and working toward change. There are certainly people, many of them, who try to excuse any behavior for being “an addict” but that only goes so far. All addicts in recovery have setbacks  The question is more “was Tiger woods working a program, sticking to it, and following through.” That is when a person is in recovery and while we all want perfection, its not realistic  

For lack of crossing boundaries and/or offending recovering sex addicts, we’ll let you make your opinion on this. Then again, I think ours is pretty obvious.

(Featured Image courtesy of Keith Allison)