If you watched this UFC hat thieves video and didn’t know it was a compilation – like me the first time I watched it – you’d think there’s a major hat security crisis for UFC fighters everywhere.

Which is ironic, because if anybody in the world should never have to worry about a random asshole stealing a hat right off their head, it’s a goddamn UFC fighter.

But these random assholes, a.k.a. the UFC hat thieves, have discovered a fatal flaw in hat security protocol over the years: Basically every fighter is going to keep walking towards the ring and not stop because some fan grabbed a hat they have 100 more of at home.

Maybe the fighters should get a fifth massive dude to walk them into the ring, whose only job is to swat away potential bandits. I’ve probably watched three and a half total UFC fights in my life, but the fact a trend in pre-match lid burglary exists is rich.

One minute in, you’ll notice that Wagner Prado is one of the few not giving in to the demands of these hat radicals. Same with announcer Joe Rogan, who says “how dare they?!” so many times you’d think the UFC hat thieves stole his fourth-grade lunch money too.