As anyone with a good internet connection knows, this past weekend was a big one in sports. Massive, you might say.

Shit, in Chicago, it’s been a crazy month of sports. Recently, both the Bulls and Blackhawks moved onto the second round of the NBA and NHL playoffs, and baseball season is in full swing. It’s a glorious time to be from the Windy City.

Add in the Kentucky Derby, the NFL Draft in Chicago, Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao – the biggest fight in a long, long time – and there was a lot of material for hungover sports talk yesterday.

Or no better time to start a weekly adventure (disaster) we decided to call “Cottonmouth Sports.” That’s what sets us apart. We’re hungover half the time anyways, why not film us talking about sports while hungover?

This week, in the pilot episode, flustered show host Keegan attempts to balance a pounding headache with three guests of different heights to address the most hard-hitting topics in sports, including:

-Who won the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight, Tom Brady or Denzel Washington?

-On the Cleveland Cavs, who has the best calves?

-Shouldn’t it be the Minnesota Wilderness?

-Horse enthusiast Bob Hay on the Kentucky Derby

Cottonmouth Sports, Episode 1