Last week, on the debut of Cottonmouth Sports, we (tried) to catch up on one of the craziest sports weekends in recent memory.

Taking hangovers and the weather into account, we felt grateful that nobody was injured during filming.

A week later, things remain busy with the Bulls and Blackhawks still doing postseason activities and baseball heating up. Thus, we returned to the (possibly different than last week’s) Cottonmouth studio to check back on the wild world of sports.

Twitter Insider Brian couldn’t make it this week while he attended a hashtag seminar but co-hosts Keegan and Peter are back to make another attempt at building a shred of any on-set chemistry. We also have a special guest that is sure to fail at filling the large shoes left by horse enthusiast Robert ‘Bob’ Hay last week.

On the second edition of Cottonmouth sports, we somewhat talked about these vital subjects:

-Parallels between the 2002 Chicago Bulls and the 2002 season of Real World

-Can brooms be used as a weapon? What about mops?

-LeBron is still a bitch, though.

-Special guest Nick to talk about life as an avid St. Louis Cardinals fan and professional bird-watcher

All of these and more. Enjoy.

Cottonmouth Sports, Episode 2