It’s week three of Cottonmouth Sports, so we made the risky decision to try a few new tricks that have never been done before in the bland world of talk shows.

  1. Answering mailbag questions from viewers.

  2. An on-street correspondent, Mike, to talk with people on the street about the Blackhawks and Ducks series.

Crazy shit, we know.

Back in the studio, Keegan tries to overcome a developing speech impediment as well as newly minted co-host Peter being out of town. Twitter Insider Brian impressively filled in after his week off by reading viewers’ questions directly from a piece of paper.

Cottonmouth Sports also had two enlightened guests on the show this week: Our own Tech Guy Joe to talk about his love of computers, and rising Tough Mudder star Chip Levenstein – a Lincoln Park native.

Besides that, here are a few other topics that dialogue was exchanged about on Episode 3:

-Is LeBron James better than MJ at hiding his gambling addiction?

-Is Kris Bryant from another planet?

-Should the Bears trade Jay Cutler for Johnny Manziel?

-Should the Bears trade Jay Cutler for a bag of footballs?

Enjoy and see you next week.

Cottonmouth Sports, Episode 3

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