Even though it was a holiday weekend in North America, we weren’t going to let Memorial Day stop the fourth installment of Cottonmouth Sports.

However, when your two co-hosts forget what day it is, you might as well have called off the whole damn thing.

While Peter is excited to be back east of the Mississippi (he was in Missouri last weekend) no matter what day it is, his partner Keegan is less than enthused to be sharing the hosting duties once again.

Especially because he had to try and pronounce the word hashtag, with Twitter Insider Brian well aware that yesterday was Memorial Day and nowhere near the Cottonmouth studio. At this point, show producers are well aware that Keegan and Peter hate each other, and the tension was only amplified with no guests to lighten the mood this week.

Instead, the two co-hosts trudged through the below topic list before parting ways and officially deeming Memorial Day 2015 a complete and utter failure for everyone involved.

-What would you do for $100?

-What’s scarier, the Tampa Bay Lightning or real lightning?

-Who’s the best baseball team in Illinois: Cubs, White Sox, or the Fighting Illini? 

-The value of kickball in the Chicago recreational fitness scene

Enjoy. Hopefully, your holiday weekend went much better than it did for Cottonmouth Sports.

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