How do you define greatness?

Is it going to more Stanley Cups than every other NHL team and doing it way faster than them? Or is it winning three consecutive Spelling Bee National World Championships as a child prodigy?

In this week’s episode of Cottonmouth Sports, we consider ourselves blessed to say probably both.

Even though it’s week five, Keegan continues to struggle with understanding the full definition of “co-host,” as well the notion of prefixes in general.

Eventually, Peter gives some random stats and his prediction for the Blackhawks-Lightning Stanley Cup Final (spoiler: it’s the Blackhawks); and then pisses Keegan off by bringing up the NCAA baseball tournament two weeks in a row.

Of course, the Blackhawks’ recent run of being really good at hockey has been quite impressive. But this week, we met the true definition of greatness face to face in the Cottonmouth studio.

Tim Miller, once affectionately known around the world as “Little Timmy Spellcheck,” won the National Spelling Bee for three consecutive years as a young boy, capturing fame and the hearts of spelling fans everywhere.

After last week’s National Spelling Bee ended in a controversial tie, it was the perfect time to catch up with Tim and see his thoughts on the changing culture of competitive spelling.

However, things take a turn for the worse when the conversation shifts to Little Timmy’s swift downfall and Keegan probes too far into his dark past.

As we found out, sometimes you have to pay a price to experience greatness.

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