The Chicago Bulls during the 1990’s had quite possibly the most dominant stretch in professional sports history, up there with the post-World War II Yankees and the Boston Celtics of the 1960’s.

Sadly, the Chicago Bulls during the 2010’s are starting to look a lot like the 90’s Bulls’ favorite Eastern Conference punching bag, the New York Knicks.

So, to think of happier times as the NBA Conference Finals begin, we decided to check in on the always fun 90’s Bulls. Where are they? What are they up to?

Did they pay their taxes last year?

Many have remained around the game of basketball, some have taken to the quiet family life, and a few others have even become involved into charity work. And as far as we can see, all of them are in good standing with the IRS.

The Obvious Names

This section is for the 90’s Bulls players most synonymous with the dominance the franchise had over the NBA; as well as the ones who remain in the forefront of professional basketball in one way or another.

Michael Jordan — Owner, Charlotte Hornets

Duh. MJ’s ownership skills don’t look like they’re on par with his playing ability, but who cares?

Interesting Fact: He likes to gamble. Wait, we already knew that.

Scottie Pippen — Senior Advisor and Basketball Ambassador of Chicago Bulls

You’ve probably seen Scottie’s face on TV a few times at the United Center the past few seasons. That’s because since 2010 he’s kept himself at the hip of Bulls’ COO Michael Reinsdorf – working heavily with Bulls’ charities and with the branding and sales departments as the team’s ambassador.

Basically a big-time face guy.

Interesting Fact: He basically revolutionized the male hoop earring.

John Paxson — VP of Basketball Operations, Chicago Bulls

Since retirement, Paxson has remained around the NBA and the Bulls in particular. He served as an assistant coach on the 1995-1996 Bulls team and eventually became the team’s general manager in 2003 before relinquishing that role to Gar Forman. Together, they are co-founders of the anti-Tom Thibodeau Foundation.

Interesting Fact: His middle name is MacBeth.

Bill Wennington — Color Commentator for Chicago Bulls Radio

One of the big bodies down low for the Bulls’ second three-peat, Wennington would eventually become the Bulls’ color guy for radio broadcasts alongside Chuck Swirsky on ESPN 1000.

Interesting Fact: Chicago-area McDonald’s locations served a sandwich named after him called the ‘Beef Wennington’ in 1998.

Stacey King — Color Commentator for Chicago Bulls TV Broadcasts

Despite being nothing more than a role player during the first three-peat, King and his quirky one-liners have undoubtedly become synonymous with the current Chicago Bulls. I’m willing to bet it’s helped a lot of common fans remember that Stacey actually played for the Bulls, too.

Interesting Fact: Started a clothing line, ’21King’ because of his abundance of catchphrases.

Steve Kerr — Head Coach of the Golden State Warriors

Arguably the best three-point shooter in Chicago Bulls history and a crucial member of the Bulls’ second three-peat, Steve Kerr has turned into one of the NBA’s coaching elite in his first season as Warriors head coach. After winning a historically good 67 games, Golden State is one of the four teams left in the NBA playoffs.

Interesting Fact: Kerr is still a commentator on ‘NBA2K15’ despite becoming the Warriors head coach before the game was released.

Will Perdue — Studio Analyst for Comcast SportsNet Chicago

While probably better known for Horace Grant’s Hot97 story that recanted a time that Michael Jordan clocked Will Perdue in the face after an illegal screen, Perdue is now the Bulls’ studio analyst during regular season games on CSN.

I’m not too sure how keen he is on Michael these days.

Interesting Fact: Will Perdue did not go to Purdue. He went to Vanderbilt.

Others From The First Three-Peat 

B.J. Armstrong — Sports Agent, Wasserman Media Group

Good old Benjamin Roy Armstrong was a point guard for the Chicago Bulls during their first three-peat.

Now, B.J. Armstrong is a player representative at Wasserman Media Group and serves as the agent to Derrick Rose and Draymond Green. Pretty impressive stuff, B.J.

Craig Hodges — Head Coach, Westchester Knicks | NBA D-League

The three-point shooting menace that was Craig Hodges is a four-time NBA champion — two as a player with the Bulls and two as an assistant for Phil Jackson’s Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, Hodges has taken what he’s learned from The Zen Master and become a head coach himself for the Westchester Knicks in the NBA D-League.

Bill Cartwright — Head Coach, Osaka Evessa (Japan) and Mexican National Team

Most remember Bill Cartwright became an assistant under Phil Jackson after retiring from playing in 1995. Most would like to forget he was the head coach of the Bulls during arguably the worst five-year stretch in franchise history.

Now, he remains coaching for Osaka Evessa in Japan and was recently hired as the head coach of the Mexican National Team. Very cultured, that Bill Cartwright.

Horace Grant — Professional Uncle 

Horace Grant spent a good six or so years in the NBA after winning his final championship with the Chicago Bulls. He even grabbed a fourth ring as a member of the Los Angeles Lakers bench.

Grant himself still spends time in the basketball world as the uncle of 76ers’ forward Jerami Grant and former Notre Dame star Jerian Grant.

Others From The Second Three-Peat

Dickey Simpkins — Founder, Next Level Performance 

Dickey Simpkins is an all-time great basketball name. After hanging up the kicks, he became a college basketball analyst for ESPN, founded the basketball development company Next Level Performance Inc. and is also a motivational speaker.

Dickey likes to keep busy.

Luc Longley — Assistant Coach, Australian Men’s Team

Without any surprise, Luc Longley has remained around basketball. He’s an assistant coach for the Australian Boomers, otherwise known as the Australian men’s national basketball team.

Jud Buechler — Mike Dunleavy Jr of 15 Years Ago

Before actually researching what Jud “The Judge” Buechler is actually up to nowadays I just assumed that he was a minister in a rural area outside Omaha, Nebraska.

But from the looks of it, Jud Buechler lives a pretty normal post-basketball life. He’s a husband, father, and even put his collegiate volleyball career to use by coaching his daughter’s team for a few years.

It also looked like he enjoyed a nice family trip to Hawaii in May of 2013, according to one of his seven career tweets.

Killing the Dad life.

Toni Kukoc — Croatian Golfing Champion

Toni Kukoc was a basketball pioneer; now he’s an awesome dad and amateur golf champion. After having hip replacement surgery in 2009, Kukoc makes it his goal to play a round of golf a day and even won Croatia’s national amateur championship in 2011.

The Croatian Sensation still lives in the same Highland Park home that he bought back in 1993 when coming to Bulls. Don’t ever leave, Toni.

Ron Harper — Failed Actor

Ron Harper had a real career in acting after basketball.

Despite his acting prowess, Harper has battled a speech impediment for much of his life. He now dedicates much of his post-basketball time to the National Stuttering Association to encourage others with a similar problem to not let it hinder their everyday life.

You the man, Ron.