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Top 5 EDM Albums

The Top 5 EDM Albums of 2014

We link to rank stuff here at THESIXTHIRTY.com. If you follow us frequently (which you should), you've probably already seen our Top 25 EDM Songs of 2014. If y... Read On...
Top EDM Songs 2014

Top 25 EDM Songs of 2014

Around the office, we like to say "opinions are like butt-holes. Everybody has one." Actually, we never say that. That wouldn't be smart, because were an opini... Read On...

Top 10 EDM Songs Of Summer 2014

While you were busy being entertained by "Drunk On A Plane" and "Anaconda" - we were busy cleaning our Ferraris with $20 bills and ivory soap that we had overni... Read On...